Energy Infrastructure Development helps economies
and communities struggling to meet their rising
demands for electricity. By designing, overseeing,
and securing financing for large scale energy
projects, RDEVCO meets this need and helps aspiring
people find success and build a brighter tomorrow.

Mohamed Gire

Mohamed Gire is an active private investor in emerging high-tech companies as well as the offshore real estate and infrastructure sectors.

"When you find a cause you can really be passionate about, that really means something to you, then you have found your true calling in life,"

Mr. Gire brings a unique blend of talent and over 20 years of business insight to growing companies. In 1985, he started the Richmond Printing Company, now one of the largest printing businesses in Texas. This experience fostered his interest in advanced technologies. With his savvy talent for real estate and management, he ventured into other areas. Gire's focus on energy and infrastructure projects has continued since 2003 when he co-founded RDEVCO, LLC. Under Mr. Gire's leadership, RDEVCO has taken its place as a premiere firm specializing in infrastructure development and energy markets.

"I've tried to create a company that cares deeply about the people it serves by creating the roots for advancing them economically. I think the work we do at RDEVCO accomplishes that."

Mr. Gire has participated in numerous international trade delegations in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. He has played a key role fostering closer ties among members of the international business community while promoting the cause of emerging nations through business and economic development. His connections, roots and philanthropic zeal extend to all parts of the globe.

"The first time that I set my foot back on African soil after so many years away I was overcome with so many emotions - joy, nostalgia and this tremendous sense of my own mortality. I like to think that the things I build today will be there long after I'm gone."

Mr. Gire serves on numerous boards and commissions in his hometown of Houston, Texas. Such organizations as the Mayor's Office of International Affairs and Development (MOIAD) and the Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau (GHCVB) have allowed him to pursue an agenda of promoting greater connectivity and a sense of community.

"This great city, Houston, is such an exciting place to be. It has been so good to my family, to my business, to me, that I try to spend time giving what little back that I can."

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