Energy Infrastructure Development helps economies
and communities struggling to meet their rising
demands for electricity. By designing, overseeing,
and securing financing for large scale energy
projects, RDEVCO meets this need and helps aspiring
people find success and build a brighter tomorrow.

Company History

In 2003 Mohamed Gire and Dr. Mohammed Huque formed a partnership to develop critically important energy infrastructure for people in emerging markets. Both men dreamed of creating a company dedicated to advancing and promoting energy usage and economic expansion. The Richmond Development Company, RDEVCO, was created to bring this dream to life.

For Gire the seeds of RDEVCO were planted in 1987 when he launched a small press in Texas that would grow into a recognized industry leader. Having already piloted his first company from a small undertaking to a major powerhouse, Mr. Gire began to explore opportunities in emerging markets.

Dr. Mohamed Huque had spent most of his considerable academic career studying and working in major institutions in Europe and North America until he left to pursue a career in the private sector. The challenges of international finance and the complex questions they posed drove him to senior executive positions for Marathon Oil, Westinghouse and Duquesne. His intellect and skill helped steer the direction of large scale oil and gas operations, cutting edge research facilities and major utility and electricity providers.

Gire, who grew up in Africa, recognized the potential for transforming communities around efficient power generation. With Dr. Huque's expertise in infrastructure development and Gire's understanding of emerging markets and access to capital, the business model of RDEVCO began to take shape.

Their mutual friendship and complimentary skill sets allowed the two to successfully launch RDEVCO - a company dedicated to building a brighter tomorrow in the developing world.

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Industry News and Developments

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