Energy Infrastructure Development helps economies
and communities struggling to meet their rising
demands for electricity. By designing, overseeing,
and securing financing for large scale energy
projects, RDEVCO meets this need and helps aspiring
people find success and build a brighter tomorrow.

Our Approach

Richmond Development Company (RDEVCO) provides custom designed solutions for emerging global markets. We measure our success by our clients' achievements.

We are committed to taking the time to listen to and understand each client's unique needs before beginning any project. This customer-centric approach gives us an advantage over our larger multinational competitors and is the foundation for our long-term relationships with clients, business partners and financial stakeholders.

RDEVCO's global team is comprised of talented experts and professionals. Our specialists in the fields of engineering, procurement and project management drive our continued growth.

What makes RDEVCO unique is our ability to solve multifaceted problems with our "one-stop shop" approach. We rely on our strategic alliances and network of industry leaders to efficiently execute even the most complex projects.

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Industry News and Developments

Financial Times: Call to help developing world on energy Opportunities abound for energy investments in developing countries. Authors of a recent UN world economic and social survey highlighted the need for industrialized countries to help developing countries build progressive sustainable...